EU to Pay for Countries Accepting Immigrants

As European countries are becoming staunch adversaries of the ‘open borders’ for immigrants, the European Commission is now proposing to offer countries which accept immigrants a stipend.  They propose a stipend of 6,000 euros for each immigrant admitted.
It is obvious that the commission is working to get these refugees integrated into European countries, but what isn’t obvious is the purpose of destroying these countries.  It is a fact that the waves of immigration has decimated the culture and the rule of law that existed in these countries.  It has also impacted the economies, but to what end?
One could venture a guess that the end goal is to depopulate the globe and to put an end to old traditional beliefs.  It makes little to no sense to decimate countries just for an economic coup.  It the long run, it will produce a failed state and any short term economic gain will be forfeited by the cost to rebuild these failed countries.  True the cost of the rebuilding will fall upon a future generation(s).  Are the current leaders so determined to make it rich that they will sacrifice their offspring’s future? 
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