Fake Blood-Pouring Trump Star Vandal Was PETA Worker Who’s Been Fired

Fake Blood Trump Star Vandal I Made a Statement … And PETA Fired Me!!!


The guy who poured fake blood on Donald Trump‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame says he was working for PETA when he did the deed … but now he’s been canned.

We spoke to PETA’s now-former senior campaign specialist, Matt Bruce, who was caught on camera earlier this week pouring red dyed corn syrup on the Trump star … which had just been vandalized earlier that day by another guy who’d also been caught on tape.

It was a shocking image to say the least, especially since the previous vandalism from hours earlier featured swastikas.


Matt tells us here was there with PETA members protesting Forever 21 for their use of wool. Toward the end of the protest, Matt says he wanted to send a message by pouring some fake blood on the star … an act he says PETA has done in other instances many times over. 

According to him, pouring the blood here couldn’t be more on brand … and, ultimately, it was a harmless political statement. Well … he says PETA didn’t see it that way.

Shortly after, Matt tells us he got a call from a PETA HR rep and the VP, who told him it was his last day. He says he’s mostly disappointed by the firing, but not shocked. Matt asserts that PETA doesn’t want any heat from the Trump administration, and that’s why they cut him loose.

We’ve reached out to PETA for statement on Matt’s firing … so far, no word back. 


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