FB Messenger Warning


FBI has issued a warning about IMs including FB Messenger being used by hackers to trick users into opening malicious links. The links send them to URLs that harvests their personal data.

The hackers prompt unsuspecting users to open links with enticing questions like ‘Hey I waw this video. Isn’t this you?’. Curious people will open the link. Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? The most common ploy is a link that leads the user to a site that mimics a FB login page. Another ploy leads the user to a site that automatically harvests the personal data without requiring the user to manually enter the data.

Many users use the same email and password for login data on other sites, so the harvested data can be used to access their bank accounts, frequent flyer miles and other financial assets.

The FBI recommends to avoid clicking on any links unless you can verify the person sending you the link.

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