FBI and CIA Banning US Citizens Using Huawei and ZTE Smartphones

WASHINGTON – US Intelligence Agency (US) has issued a stern warning. The warning appealed to local residents not to buy smartphones made by Huawei or ZTE.

High officials from the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Chinese smartphone maker posed a threat to consumers in America.

FBI Director Chris Wray explained the reason for the warning against the ban on the use of Huawei and ZTE smartphones. He said there was a risk that would let the company submit to foreign governments within the US telecommunications infrastructure.

To note, Huawei also has a network equipment business that he marketed in various countries. But the US government has blocked it.

“It provides the ability to cunningly modify or steal information. And this provides the capacity for undetected espionage, “Wray said.

Huawei itself has not been much pitch in the US market due to concerns of local authorities. Although accused of being suspected, Huawei said that the claim for him in the US was “unfounded”.

Last January, Huawei and AT & T failed to make a deal to market their homemade smartphone. Wray then praised AT & T’s efforts to increase awareness of the Chinese vendor’s problems.

Related to the ban warned by the US Intelligence Service, Huawei declined to comment. Even so, it admits to continue to monitor developments in Congress.

In a statement, Huawei highlighted the various countries that allowed it to operate.

“We operate in 170 countries where there is trust with governments and customers that we do not pose a greater risk of cybersecurity than other vendors,” Huawei said.

Huawei insists it has never been asked to grant access to its technology or provide data or information related to citizens or organizations to the government or its agencies.

Meanwhile, ZTE in a statement said that mobile phones and devices combine chipsets and other components produced in the US.

“As a public company, we are committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the United States, working with operators to bypass rigorous testing protocols, and adhere to the highest business standards,” said ZTE representative in an email.

If in the end this ban applies, then Huawei and ZTE will add to the row of foreign companies that are blocked in the US after Kaspersky. Similarly, as reported by CNN, Friday (16/2/2018).

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