Feinstein Introduces Bill Decriminalizing Crime

Source: thedailycoin.org

Senator Feinstein has introduced a bill which legal experts believe would allow adults whom commit any type of felony in the US to avoid punishment.  The bill would only apply to adults whom have children, this is obviously her attempt to politicize the immigration fiasco.  As another politician said “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

According to attorney Gabriel Malor, this bill would provide that “an agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the US”.  In his opinion, this suggests that any crimes committed in these areas by people with children will be considered non-crimes.

He goes to point out:

1) The bill places no limitations on the scope of its regulation to agencies that are specifically involved with dealing with border issues.

2) The term “agent or officer” is only partially defined to include contractors, though it otherwise includes every federal employee, potentially including FBI agents, Secret Service agents, and even officers of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

3) The term “child” in the bill is defined as any person under the age of 18 who does not have permanent immigration status. This definition, according to Malor, includes U.S. citizens under the age of 18 because “citizen children by definition have no immigration status, permanent or otherwise.”

4) In seeking to define the geographic area where it would apply, the bill does a very poor job of limiting the scope to “at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border.” Malor says that this includes “almost the entirety of the geographical territory of the United States and the vast majority of people living in it,” seeing as how 200 million people live within 100 miles of a national border.

Source: thedailycoin.org

Feinstein has been a California senator for nearly 3 decades.  This move to introduce a bill that is undeniably flawed just to improve her political image by showing sympathy for the immigrant children being separate from their parent shows the merits that term limits are needed.

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