Feinstein Maneuvers For Party Unity

Source: theintercept.com

The political game plan is spin.  Feinstein failed to win the primary, she garnered 37% of the votes while her opponent, de Leon garnered 54%.  In California, the top two vote getters advance to the general election, de Leon and Feinstein were the top two.  Since they both are running as democrats, an executive board gets an opportunity to endorse one of them.

The executive board procedure is to have the candidates register to appear on the ballot, Feinstein registered by paying the $1,000 fee.  The endorsement of one of the candidates would ideally unite the party’s support.

For weeks after registering, Feinstein and her team have been calling, emailing and texting the approximately 360 delegates of the party’s executive board.  They determined that de Leon is close to securing the 60% endorsement threshold.  Based on this information, Feinstein now took the position that the delegates should not endorse either candidate in the name of party unity.

It appears that Feinstein’s reign of 26 years is about to come to an end.  She is spinning to hopefully remain on the taxpayer dole.

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