Fighting EX Layer

Fighting EX Layer is a new fighting game from the developer of Street Fighter EX(3D Street Fighter) in the past.

The beta was available in november 2017 for 2 weeks on PS4, then in april 2018 new characters(Shadowgeist, Nanase, Hayate) was announced.

If you played Street Fighter EX series in the past, I bet you’re familiar with these characters :

  1. Skullomania

  2. Shirase

  3. Garuda

All characters above and many more will show up in Fighting EX Layer.

This is the controls of the game(PS4 controller) :

And this is the game system :
game system.jpg

This game was developed with Unreal Engine 4, so let’s hope the update system is not like Street Fighter V(every time there’s a new update, we need to download all files of the game).

This game is PS4 exclusive for now.

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