Flip-Flop Blowout! Whatcha Gonna Do? (Video)



Living in the tropics, my choice of footwear is always flip-flops. I can walk in the rain, swim in the ocean, ride my motorcycle, go shopping for groceries… you get the point. It gets a bit awkward though when you show up for a wedding or at the Bureau of Immigration wearing them. There is almost nothing that can’t be done wearing flip-flops. Ask any filipino. I see people in the Philippines everyday doing all sorts of things wearing what I like to call shower shoes (slippers). They play soccer, basketball, they do commercial fishing, construction and  even perform welding services while standing on flimsy scaffolding three stories high. Probably not the safest way to live. Ouch!


However, my choice of slippers is the more comfortable and upscale footwear different from just simple shower shoes. I wear nothing but “Islanders” but the fact that I can even go snorkeling with them is a plus with me. They dry out, eventually. The following video is one that I did on a spur of the moment when I had a flip-flop blowout while walking around Calbayog City in Samar.


Did you know there are flip flop gods above? Enjoy.

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