Friendship of goats and chickens




Kisah ini lahir dari pengamatan nyata di mana ada seekor kambing dan ayam selalu bermain bersama. Padahal ayam dan kambing adalah jenis hewan lainnya. Mereka tidak membuat perbedaan dan tidak dapat dipisahkan dalam prinsip persahabatan meskipun keyakinan dan pandangan filosofis berbeda, ini adalah gambaran kehidupan yang sangat terbalik dari keinginan untuk nafsu.          They are two friends who often play together. The next day to the white sand beach. When they go to the beach, they get a barrier because a very large snake can pounce on goats and even chickens. But the snake did not pounce on two friends, the snake just wanted to say that around the beach there was a cruel and cruel seal. Two friends and even goats and chickens continued the journey.
When they arrived at the beach, they did not feel the threat of danger. But suddenly behind the waves there was a sound that made them a little afraid. Haaaaa ran … Apparently behind the waves was the sound of a seal informed by the snake, the seal was still chasing them both. When chicken and goats are tired they hide in the fertile Pandan forest near the beach.
And the seals are still looking for them. And suddenly “Why do you get Pandan forest? … (Goats’ words). I won’t eat you !, (Seal of words), and I need a friend to play with you and that you both. The three of them have become friends and immediately proceed to sunset, and they climb a small hill there, the three of them watch the sunset and sleep soundly on the hill without fear, if suspicion loses the comfort of the meaning of a friend.   
Author: curiesea
I am from Aceh, I love the community. I have two jobs, as a fishery entrepreneur and work in a commodity-based social NGO

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