Fukushima Radiation Monitors Malfunctioning

Source: japantimes.co.jp

After the fateful meltdown, about 3,000 radiation monitors were installed. Since that time, they have experienced nearly 4,000 glitches with the monitors.

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority plans on removing about 80% of them by 2020. Some local authorities as well as residents are in opposition to the removal. It is believed that the agency is removing them as a cost cutting effort but the authority says that the monitors to be removed are in areas where the radiation levels have fallen and the monitors are not needed.

The monitors were installed in kindergartens and schools. The residents feel that there is still a need for these monitors so they can track the amount of radiation their children are exposed to. Radiation levels changed daily due to wind direction and atmospheric changes. It is reasonable to believe that even though the radiation levels may have decreased there is still a need for monitoring the daily levels.

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It was sad to see this unfold. We watched much of this live on television. Very sad. Not worth it accept for war. Even then it isn't really worth it. But they fire new ones up every year. It has a purpose but so dangerous.

6 months ago

The most sad thing is they still have no viable solution. Last I read about the reactor was they think the core material melted through the earth's crust. I haven't read any update on their theory of building an ice wall.

6 months ago