Fukushima to Begin Dumping Radiation


TEPCO has plans to dump the radiated water used to cool the deactivate plant directly into the ocean. They have been storing the water in holding tanks since the incident but the tanks are almost at capacity.

The initial wave of radiation has already been affecting fish and sea life as far away as Canada’s west coast. It surely has affected all sea life but in the US, the government has been working to suppress the danger. Shortly after the catastrophe, the Obama administration had the level of toxic radiation exposure raised by a factor of 1,000. According to scientists any radiation exposure is hazardous. Radiation from cesium and strontium have very long half lives and once a person is exposed, the radiation will continue to cause damage for the person’s life.

The largest problem is that the radiation can not be avoided. The only possible way of minimizing human exposure is to contain the radiation. TEPCO plans to do the exact opposite. By dumping the radio active water in to the ocean will increase the amount of exposure as well an exacerbate the damage.

If this incident is actually an extinction level event (ELE), it might explain why the governments of the world and the news media are working to minimize the dangers. If they were to report that it is unable to be contained and multitudes of people will perish, this would cause global panic. It might lead to a revolt that might cause those whom out right lied to be targeted by the ones affected.

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