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There are many conflicting stories coming out about Trump’s position on NATO.  Some are saying that he has threatened to put out of NATO, some are saying that Trump demanded that other member nations allocations will be increased and others are denying that Trump made any such claims.

Some things are obvious without anyone needed to verify it.  One is that only 5 members are living up to the agreement to pay 2% of their country’s GDP for defense spending and the US is spending more than all the other 28 members combined.  The most blatant is Germany whom only spent 1.2% of its GDP.

Globally, all countries are suffering from the economic downturn so these members are cash strapped.  Geo-politically, the world seems like it is on the verge of the next world war so a strong military presence is vital.  The global alliance structure is in flux as more countries are moving to making alliances with the BRICS as the western supremacy is failing.  A question should be asked will the next war have the current NATO members on the same side as the US / UK?

Although it has been said that Trump never broached the point of withdrawing from NATO, he was asked by journalists if he were to decide to withdraw would he need to consult with congress.  His response was that he thinks he can pull out of NATO without congressional approval.  As the exact context is not known, it would be errant to draw an assumption but it does indicate that the possibility is on his mind.  If it were not, his answer would have been more on the lines of consulting with congress is not even an issue.

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