Geomagnetic Storm to Hit Earth on March 18

Scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences say that a huge magnetic storm is headed towards earth and they estimate that it will hit on March 18. The effects of the storm will cause some people to experience headaches and dizziness.

The disruption could affect GPS navigation devices, satellites and possibly power grids. They don’t believe that the storm will result in major problems just glitches. It is possible that the storm will make the auroras visible to areas that are further away from the poles and intensify the auroras closer to the poles.

A geomagnetic storm is usually the result of a CME, coronal mass ejection of the sun. A CME is created when an arc of excited gases on the surface of the sun ruptures, this will cause a jet of plasma to escape into space. If the sun spot is facing earth when the rupture occurs, the ejecta will be shot toward earth. Once the solar wave reaches earth, it will interact with the magnetosphere and the energy will flow towards the poles. If the magnitude of the wave is too large, the magnetosphere will not be able to the shield the earth from all of the energy.



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