German Bank Boosts Bitcoin — Negative Interest Rates Hit Every Account

Bitcoin-cautious Germany has seen its first bank demand that ordinary savers pay it to hold their money — even as little as €1.
According to multiple local press outlets including the Süddeutsche Zeitung on Nov. 19, the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Fürstenfeldbruck (VRF) in Northern Bavaria is now charging 0.5% negative interest rates on the smallest deposits.
Critics have warned that such moves would incentivize the public to move into cash, while alternatives such as Bitcoin (BTC) also stand to benefit.
By contrast, Bitcoin does not suffer from the inflationary meddling in its supply and associated destruction of its value, meaning HODLers would never be forced to pay to own it.


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What we all love about crypto is how heavy it impacts global banking and slows down war funding. The banks have real competition for the first time ever. Negative interest rates sounds good on USA television news. They spin it positive but if you are an average person in one of these negative interest rate countries, then you are paying the bank to be bankable. The end is near.
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