Get bonus 50 VIU coin for sign-up

World first decentralized video sharing platform just like youtube but deference it share coin with it’s user just for watching video- like -share-comment and for follow.

Right now they Give you 50 VIU coin freely!  Now 1 VIU Coin= 0.06 USD where starting price only $0.02! So it’s already increase 3X!  WOW!!


                                      Click here to Join Now

 Minimum Withdraw From Viuly is 100 VIU Coins.
But there’s only one condition that your account must  be rank of Junior!




How to Rank On Viuly

This is a very common asking but the answer is easy must follow this

  1. like-share-comment and follow other channel
  2. upload  good video content
  3. donate VIU other
  4. show more activity here. by this you get   jr.rank in very quick time









About the author: alauddinsee

working hard for all of my friends


This is very interesting thank you for sharing this. I will look into this. I currently have zero time for any other platforms but this is neat.

10 months ago

Just registered but only 10 tokens were given, I think the 50 bonus is for referrals

10 months ago

ok thanks

8 months ago