Good Bye Israel


Sources within the Broward County sheriff’s office revealed that Scott Israel is set to be removed from his position next week.  Israel is being removed for criminal issues uncovered by an investigation conducted by the Florida governor’s office.

The source stated that the FBI is aware of the criminal activities Israel is being charged with.  Israel has been under heavy criticism for his mishandling of the Parkland school shooting but this is not the only reason he is being removed.  Regarding the shooting, it was discovered that officers were dispatched to the shooter’s residence 45 times prior to the shooting and the office was aware of the potential danger but failed to act.  It should also be noted that the FBI was also aware of this shooter prior to the shooting and failed to act.

One of the rumors about Israel that have surfaced since the shooting that is most disturbing is that Israel’s son was involved in assaulting a student at the high school (where the shooting occurred) in an act of bullying.  This incident was not related to the shooting.  The sheriff’s office actively worked to keep the incident quiet.  The shooter, Cruz, revealed in video that he felt bullied and this was what lead him to carry out the massacre.

Since the shooting incident, it has been coming to the public’s attention that this was far from a random act.  The school’s problems have been cultivating for some time.  It has not yet been revealed  if the fault lie with the school’s administration, the sheriff’s department or the city.  It is highly probably that all were at least partly to blame in allowing this to happen.  It is obvious that the sheriff’s office along with the FBI failed to perform their respective duties by turning a blind eye to many warning signs from the shooter.

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