GoPro New Affordable Camera

For all of you that have been waiting for a more affordable video camera, GoPro has just come out with a new entry. The Hero has a 2 inch display, a rubber casing for protection and it is water proof up to 10 meters.

It looks similar to the standby Hero models but costs about 50% less. The newest Hero6 retail for $599 while the Hero is retailing for $299.

It is compatible with the GoPro app for iOS and Android, it allows you to auto edit videos with GoPro’s QuikStory. With this price savings, the Hero can’t shoot video in 4K but it can produce video beyond the 1080p to 1440p and at speeds up to 60 fps. It has a resolution for still photos of 10 megapixels versus the 12 megapixels with the Hero6.

It does come equipped with voice command so you can tell the camera to stop filming or take a photo and turn off. It doesn’t use the GP1 processor found in the Hero6 so the video stabilization may not be up to par with the more expensive models.

This will provide the novice level user with a good entry camera. All considering, the camera is a good bargain with most of the features of the Hero6.


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That's great but I want to know about any 4k digital camcorder which should be useful for both home use as well as professional use on affordable price.

8 months ago

Nice camera having good configuration.

8 months ago