I made this profile icon from an original image of Kurt Chang, a guy on Creary is selling it as his own and I was accused to take HIS work

Guy on Creary steals Kurt Chang ‘s artwork and sells it as his own

Guy on Creary has stolen artwork posted on his profile on Creary and makes money of that. Nobody notices it until now.
And what happened?
Somebody mentioned me… End of a story. You know what happened.

I am a fantasy writer and I accompany my work with fantasy art – with attribution. I made my icons and profile images by fantasy artworks with some titles or slogan that I find interesting or inspirational at the moment, but I don’t sell that like my own, anyone can search Google and find an original artist.

The thing is that Creary as an art and money earning website allows such a thing, and allows people making money of somebody’s else work.

I don’t make money of profile icon, and I do not sell it to make money. This asshole did it.

I contacted an artist on the Artstation, and to prove this is a real theft, here are the original links:


All my posts have attributions and I do it with the icons whenever I can. My front page did not have it but now I squeezed it in with green mini-letters. Kurt Chang did not make a composite with letters, I did that, so I added that too. It looks like suck, but it is fair. It really doesn’t bother me that much to have it there. In fact it is very cool to attribute an artist, especially when my own fiction is complementary to visual artwork.

This is a message to the artist:

This message is about your work being stolen and monetized by one asshole on Creary.Net, his username is @ stendhal.

This is a link:

I am a fantasy/SF writer on the multiple crypto blogging websites, great fan of fantasy art, and I combine all my writing work with fabulous fantasy images, but I never remove attributes, I keep all signatures and whenever I find a source artist I link it in.

When I saw your work ( being my profile icon on that website) naturally I wanted to see what is going on, and I found of being accused that I took HIS work.

The thing is that I found your artwork of Arachne so impressive that I made it my profile image ( icon) on some places, but a profile image with some nifty words makes no cash, plus easy to find who made it with Google Image Search. Only stupid person would claim it their own.

But this guy is no fan whatsoever, he used your work, cut out a part where your name and signature is and signed it with his own in the middle of an image, then publish it on Creary to make money out of it.

I think you should contact Creary Net and shove a hove down their throat because I personally think you have a divine given right to do so.

I have no idea how many stolen images this person has or how many people earn through that website by stealing images elsewhere, I bet it is a lot.

This is a contact of Creary :

You have a magnificent talent and it should be attributed.

Love and joy
~ aschatria ( @Aschatria777)

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