Handmade Cat Cave Bedding

Handmade Cat Cave Bedding

I was a little skeptical that cats would go crazy over this though so many reviews were positive. After receiving it my cat, Bear, was of course curious about the box, but once I freed this wooly cat cave from its tight plastic bag and popped it up in shape my cat stuck her head in and jumped in and that was the last I saw of her for over an hour. I added a little catnip that as included and that as it, Bear made this her cave a couple hours — or should I call it a Bear cave? lol I was like hello, are you coming out? lol
The quality is great and love it, or Bear loves it. Now I only wish they made human size caves because I want one. That evening I stuck it in my bedroom and Bear eventually jumped off the bed and crawled into her cat cave cocoon for the night. ha ha But seriously this was worth every penny. Bear is 10 pounds and she has so much room you could probably put another of her inside. I can’t say enough about it.



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