Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) – Arpitrax – Fiction

The last time I was telling you about the Arpitrax, the raven told me that I allegedly have to kidnap it, which was in my opinion impossible as it needs a mind sphere to exist in the first place, and to my demise, the damn thing was permanently welded into me, so I can’t detach and manipulate it from the outside.

First of all, Arpitrax should have never existed. That is what I know.
Second of all, the Illuyanka should have never been cursed by such a horrid temptation in his possession.
Third, a symbiotic part of him was nice, but Illuyanka himself started to play and abuse my inability to stop whatever he wanted to do.
A symbiont is not a slave and he was assimilating all my abilities. But, he did not assimilate my intentions, he just pretended and I felt sorry for his misfortune of being created by my evil peer. He has done nothing to deserve that.

I hoped so much, and I wished so hard, that Illuyanka will somehow manage to suppress his human desires and to use the Arpitrax for the completely wrong purposes. Now, you know better than me, no human is capable to do that. At least not for now. Why do you think there is always some celestial god destroying those dragons and witchers?

And I have been so gullible and naive to believe it is possible, but that is only because I am an alien and I do not understand temptations that humans deal with daily. I simply don’t see the world in the same way you do, and my comprehension is more close to one of a child. All that power, and a brain of a carp. Well, I guess it has to be like that. You can’t have everything. I have the divine comprehension, you have the brains, knowledge, wits, beauty, skills, talent… ok, ok, you have everything, I am just here for the decoration and in case that some asshole alien tries to land down and take over the world. A very thin chance for that. Anorexic.

Anyways, what happened. Well, ugly and short, Illuyanka started to use the Arpitrax for the things he found relevant – like gruesomely crippling one man and killing another. Yeah, very important things. I guess that was an exercise for the future genocides he had already planned… OK, that is only a speculation, I am just running my mouth without basic sensibility to weight my thoughts.

The first human he attacked did not suffer major damage so I managed to repair him. I hoped Illuyanka will stop on the first mistake, and everything was fine for a few days. I got nothing through the Arpitrax interface, and I thought that was solved.

Then one night I receive an odd message, a full video transmission of a human man I never saw before sleeping, weird symbols and a picture of a giant white mental sphere pulsating with violet/purple shimmer. The message was too complicated to decipher, and a part of it that I managed to decipher was a fiasco. I never saw a white sphere, so I was terrified.

The second victim of Illuyanka was beyond repair. He was dead on arrival, and the scariest thing was that nobody could help him. What Illuyanka did was wrong. He wasn’t handing down the justice, but revenge. Terrible how it sounds, but anyone, with a crime or not, could be his next victim.

So, while I was sitting there disheartened here comes the feathered fucker, a raven came but this time he was carrying an actual written message in his beak.

-I received the transmission, I have no idea what does it mean – I yelled at the bird when he dropped a package on the table.

-I brought you the recipe how to do it – raven continued like I did not say anything – You have the Transformation stone, correct?

-Yes. – I nodded unwrapping the message – It is a piece of space junk, it doesn’t do anything.

-It depends who is holding it… – raven sneezed and wiped his beak under his wing – I brought you a recipe. And by the way, there is nothing about you detaching from the Arpitrax, you obviously can’t …

-Damn true, because I tried .. – I answered while opening a small package –

-… but nowhere it says that Illuyanka can’t. – I lifted my head and looked at the bird confused – It just requires a concentrated power of will, and that what you are holding in a hand…

-Power of will…? –

-Just read it!! – raven blurted and impatiently flapped his wings.

I was reading a message for a few seconds in complete silence, and then I looked at the bird who was expecting my reaction… then I read it again.

-And? – raven silently asked waiting on my reaction.

-Well… well, well, well… at least I don’t need to lie down into a battery acid, shove the ground wire into my ass and bite into a power grid…


-Are you fucking insane!!?? What a fuck is this????

-That is uh oh… It doesn’t say that…

-I know it does not! I see what it does say!! – I was raging at him – I have to paste that protection layer made of nuclear waste, or what-fuck-not, on myself …

-Yes, that is so that the liquid does not, you know…-

-I knoooow! Why does it say that I have to close all my physical openings…?

-Well, maybe so, for more protection…-

-Why is that sentence written in different handwriting? – I asked watching a raven and imagining killing him where he was squatting…

-Ok, I was worried! I meant it could be a good idea… –

-Fine! Let’s move on! And then I have to submerge into some sort of a demonic liquid… –

-It is not demonic, it clearly says…-

-Will I have any flash left on me after this?

-Of course, yes…

-You mean, you don’t know. – I rolled my eyes and returned to a paper – And before that, I have to place The Stone INSIDE of a tank with me.

-Yes, it will enhance…

-… the Stone that can do who knows what, with me in an enclosed tank! –


-And then I have to detach Illuyanka from the Arpitrax for a few seconds …-

-That is what I was telling you, a power of will –

-And… The Boss will … what a hell He means by “he will smite me”…?

-Well, you know – a raven poked upwards to the sky with his beak – smite, you know…

-Yes, I am pretty sure that I know what ‘smite’ means… – My eyes were sinking deeper and deeper into my sockets – I will lie into a dangerous medium and Boss is going to rip some sort of lightning through me?

-Yes… –

-I am not asking you! I am contemplating out loud! – I was watching a paper and a table in front of me thinking should I do that or should I just blow my brains out and spare myself from all of this…

-I suggest that you get drunk really, really hard, and that you dress up nice in case something goes wrong – raven leaned forward to me.

-If something goes wrong, I don’t think there will be much of me left to hold the dressing… – I said to the raven.

-I don’t know – raven was almost apologetic – I am a simple postman…

-Ok, ok, ok! – I said gasping for the air – My life in an exchange for many, I get it. I will do it. But, if this works… What about that white sphere?

-What white sphere? – raven tilted his head and curiously looked at me with his black empty eyes.

-The white sphere … I can’t detect any bodily existence attached to it and it was a part of the message I received…

-I have no idea about any white sphere… – raven shrugged – I am honest as I can be, I don’t know.

-And that is it? – I flipped the other side of a paper, but it was empty – What should I do after that?

-Get out and remove all that shit from yourself, before it eats through your skull??? – raven yelped at me – I don’t know I have no idea…

The raven wished me good luck and left me with the wavering thought of absolute dread on my mind.

What happened? Well, I am alive, am I not!?

I did not do exactly what raven recommended me, but I got a bit drunk because there was no way in hell I was doing the tank sober, normal and fully conscious. If I had to go, I wanted to be properly sauced.

So, I made all as it supposed to be, insulated myself and prepared my side of the Arpitrax for the sabotage, all by the book, I mean by the list I got.

And shortly after, I was sitting on the edge of the tank drunk as shit, with the Stone in one hand, and a glass in another, thinking how to drop a stone and then jump in, or should I jump and then drop a stone… anyways I was a bit tipsy. The cocktail was fabulous, I will share the recipe later.

In the end, I concluded that stone goes on one, me on two, and then my soul goes on three…

When I sunk I noticed how hard it is to think in that kind of an environment.
First, it was dark and cold, second I forgot that when I am in a liquid environment I suppose to stop drinking.

I detached Illuyanka’s part from him, it slipped like a loosely attached covering, his connections to it were still very thin. What happened after did not look like anything I expected. It didn’t feel like something like a lightning hit me.

I felt very dosed – no wonder – but I also felt that my symbiont was stun, like we both were stopped, and then rebooted.

The part of the Arpitrax that was connected to Illuyanka unwrapped, slang around him, slammed into me and welded into my remaining ports instantly while the symbiont still being stunt slowly floated away from me and then disappeared from my view.

I swam out of a tank as fast as I could realizing that it would be a good idea to get the fuck away from that hell as soon as possible. I wobbled down to a shower and scrapped the dirt from me and get to the Arpitrax to see what a hell happened.

I felt drowsy, but not like I was drunk or drugged, more like I was floating on a cloud or something. It felt unreal and that unreal feeling continued for almost 24 hours after.

I jumped in still wet and flipped a few signals from the Arpitrax, but nothing was coming from another side. I usually hear the white noise or something from another side, but this time all connections were dead.

Holy shit – I thought to myself – we did it. I flipped a few signals again trying to connect with the Illuyanka, but the Arpitrax was silent.

After a few more, very long seconds, I received a signal but that was not Illuyanka. A signal was incredibly strong, completely different and it was coming from a human. I started to decipher and found out that it is coming from a white sphere that was interlayered with my own, the same one that I received in the odd message days ago.
There was no whistles and shrieks, but a completely unknown male voice simply said “hello” through the connection.

-Hello – I replied insecurely through the connection – Hello? – To be honest I was completely surprised by the clarity of the transmission.

-Umm, is this the … Arpitrax? – a voice carefully replied to my greeting.

-Yes, I am a driver of the Arpitrax – I answered very slowly. – Who am I talking to?

-Aw, great! – a voice cheerfully chimed thought the connection and continued into the short chuckle – This is a new owner of the Arpitrax, my name is Carl.

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