Hawaii Just Got a New Island

Source: strangesounds.org

With all the lava flowing out of Kilauea, a new island have appeared off of Kapoho.  Kilauea has now been actively spewing out lava for more than 2 months.  Kilauea has been more or less an active volcano since 1983 but it only had a continuous lava flow since the last eruption.

As you may know the all the Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanoes, so this new island is just part of the changing earth.  Hawaii is just one of the many active volcano which have been waking up.

The Oraefajokull volcano in Iceland has been showing signs of a possible eruption, the Anak Krakatau in Indonesia has been having continuous explosions and this is alarming as the last time Krakatoa erupted it killed more than 36,000 people.  It’s explosive force was equivalent to 13,000 atomic bombs going off simultaneously.


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article: strangsounds.org

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This is awesome. We may have the absolute best islands ever since they keep getting bigger. One day there will be a whole new continent there.

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I am not saying global warming is not real because I am sure man has an effect on the earth, but they say there was once an ice age on earth, it was flooded by water and it is constantly changing and has been for a really long time. I started studying this Flat Earth Theory about two years ago now and it makes some really good arguments and it makes sense to me. The US government has lied to the people on more than one occasion and that has been documented. Am I convinced the world is flat?

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