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There are tons of lists online talking about bitcoin and ether and litecoin. There are even more talking about hot crypto ico. Some of these people have even made videos talking about a hot crypto ico. I have watched many and laughed as some have no idea at all about what they are talking about. Being a hot crypto ico isn’t just about how much funding you raise and how fast you raised the funding. To make the hot crypto ico list there should be many other consideration in our opinion.

Let’s Look At A Few Things You Should Look At To See If The Hot Crypto ICO you are looking at is hot or not!

There are tons of projects out there and many are promising you the moon and a free space ride to mars. While blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is pretty awesome there is a bunch of hype in the space today even after the big rise and crash of cryptocurrency in 2018. Yes in 2017 many cryptocurrency went crazy and pricing drove to new heights as the media and average people from around the world for the first time actually purchased crypto or digital currency for the first time. Many having only heard of the new digital money just weeks before trying to learn all about cryptocurrency and the hot crypto ico’s to get in on the ground floor. Were there many millionaires made? Yes, but let’s be real I was not one of them. Most people did not get in early enough and many got caught with their pants down!

In this article we will reveal a few things you need to look out for when looking at hot crypto ico’s to bet on. Let look at a quick list and then go over each one together.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Team Awareness
  • Problems Solved
  • Is it doable
  • Developments
  • Financial Plans.

Many will argue that this list is not in the right order. This might be true for people who are looking for a sure bet. Far too often people will rule out high quality token ico projects too early because it might be missing one of the things on my list early on in their inspection if the ICO. The above list is not in any special order on purpose. Each project ICO should be examined in its entirety and then a decision should be made whether the ico is hot or not.

hot crypto ico

Let Us Now Examine Each Component To Determine The Hot Crypto ICO

  • Brand Awareness is important. Far too often many of these cryptos are choosing very confusing names of domain names for their project that is very hard to spell or remember. Often they are using a brand name for their project that is completely different than the brand name for their crypto and this is a bad sign. When everything is too confusing it might not be the hot crypto ico that it appears to be right now. Many people will look at a hot crypto ico several times before deciding to pull the trigger on getting in. Having a difficult brand or the brand associations are wacky will make it a challenge. We know from personal experience that having to rebrand anything about your project after the fact is a challenge. Many people with excellent ideas get started and perhaps are too creative and overlook the basics with branding. Don’t jump ship on a hot crypto ICO just over branding issues but it is something to consider.


  • Many hot crypto ico guides will tell you to look at the team. Ok that is a great idea kind of. Many people involved in cryptocurrency love their anonymity. Some will use fake names and fame photos because in their country being a part of a cryptocurrency can get them life in prison or a firing squad. Some governments mainly do to how much control the large banking giants have over the world economy have made laws that are not friendly to crypto. Sometimes this means that people must hide their real identity from their jobs and government for fear of death or loss of economic position. This is a shame but is true. Many hot ico projects had just fake names and fake people all together and were running scams. Do some serious research and make sure that at least some of the people are real people and are not complete ghosts online. No online presence is a red flag most times. However, there are some great projects that are anonymous that I support and invest in so if I said never ever go with an unknown team I would be a hypocrite.  Even if a project has a great team, how do you really even know that? C’mon man, unless this is what you do for a living then there is no way to tell who all of these people are and whether they are a good team or a bad team really. In the real world most of the dirty coding work is done by a handful of people. This is like 90% of the hard part really. There might be 100 people overall involved to make the 100% completed project. Hot Crypto ICO teams is kind of a myth. People can buy prestige and pr firms to pump up their image. Don’t be fooled!


  • Knowing if there is even a problem to solve is essential to knowing how much value the ico project really brings to the table. Some people are good at spinning stories and telling tall tales. These same expert writers might have you convinced that if we do not do something about a certain problem right now the whole earth is going to be destroyed. The problem exists but the level of detriment  to society is often conflated. But this caused people to panic and make rash decisions which is great. Hey, who doesn’t need a little extra fear and stress in their life right? A hot crypto ico will have a well defined problem that you can clearly see needs to be solved. However, this may or may not be resolved best with blockchain technology or crypto currency. Keep this in mind. You will see on most people’s list that a hot crypto ico will solve  a problem. If it doesn’t solve a problem don’t invest!

This is total BS. Solving a problem certainly helps but there are tons of video games being built around crypto that suck. The games graphics are terrible, the names are bad, they are being developed poorly to say the least and crypto is being added in. Which there are some gaming applications where crypto would actually do best but adding to an existing game might be better verses developing a crap game and adding crypto to it. Find a game like plants vs zombies 2 and talk them into building 3 and powering it with crypto! All of that in game currency, can be spent on other games or traded for other crypto and then you can get paid to play games for real! Watch Sony add crypto to games in the future. The market would allow people who want to buy in game currency to buy from other users not just the Game Maker! This is why it might not ever fly in real world games unless the real world game maker was smart enough to own the exchange and charge fees like coinbase or changelly!

  • Is it doable? This is a great question. So some hot crypto ico projects will have great ideas but the technology is nowhere near ready to do what they want to do. So the answer is no. It can’t be done until some other major technological advancement happens then it is likely never going to happen. Think about the this for a second. If you could have bought a newspaper business 20 years ago you might have made money for 2 more years before the internet really took over and newspaper were lost. If you knew smartphone were really coming or kindle readers then why not build your business around a digital model?

They could not predict the future well enough to know the future would be a ton of fake news and entertainment only news broadcasts. They never would have thought that almost all media is owned by a few large corporations. That the technology that was supposed to free people’s minds and allow them to learn anything at a moments noticed would actually end up causing the collapse of the whole newspaper, television, radio, industry collapse. What I’m getting at is that a ton of people could have looked at some of the tech companies like amazon and many did and they said it wasn’t doable.  Many said facebook would never overtake myspace! People said bing would compete with google. But is it doable? Really can what the project says it wants to accomplish be done? If it can be done then it is likely a good project and you have insight like no one else has ever had.

  • If the ideas are just all on paper and there is nothing at all to show that they are working on a project you might should reconsider. Anyone can setup a free github account or bitbucket account. There should be something there. Even if the activity isn’t much there should be one in existence. For me the day of buying that hot crypto ico with a big idea that solves the world’s problems and makes me feel all gooey is over. I will hopefully not be scammed again…. To be scammed means a company or individual had the intent to scam you. There are scammers out there that exist. Many scams are not actually scams though. Often people or companies put out a ton of effort and just ultimately fail. Most businesses fail actually according to leading business stats.

The success rate of hot crypto ico projects has yet to be seen but I’m going to guess that it is in the 10-20% range of success. If you are scared of failure you will never try and if you never fail you will never succeed! Never risk more money than you are comfortable losing in any hot crypto ico period. Just don’t fall for it. Even if you could be  gazillionaire one day don’t waste all of your money on the next hot crypto ico. No matter how great the idea is and how doable the goals are the actual plans could not work. The key people could quit the project. The project could be wonderful but ahead of its time or not marketed well. There are many reasons a hot crypto ico fails. One reason is likely under funding and mismanagement of the financials not a deliberate act to scam anyone.

  • Financials might be the key to determining if an ico will truly catch fire and be a hot crypto ico. I would say that we here at Stish need to invest around 50 cents of every dollar earned on marketing until the natural growth of membership can overcome the marketing ROI and even then there will always be a steady need for marketing as some people will leave, pass away, get bored, be placed in jail, get married, have kids, etc and need to be replaced. Knowing how a company plans to spend the money raised from the TOKEN EVENT or TOKEN ICO is critical I think to whether you should spend one penny! If there is no plan there is no investment of my money period. I can overlook almost everything else but I know that a proper plan needs to be in place or it can’t be implemented. There are many successful token ico projects that have been kind enough to help us save some time with Stish and share some things they learned. For this we are very thankful as it will save us money and time.

Do your due diligence and understand how much currency supply is being sold, given away, added to a rewards pool, given to owners or founders, given to advisers etc. You want to know how much of the crypto is being sold of the total supply and here is why…. If there is a currency that is being sold for let’s say 0.01 USD or 1 cent per cryptocurrency and they only plan to sell 1000 then they will not raise enough funds to do anything really productive. Many people laughed when I said I wanted to raise close to 3 Million USD. The difference between them and me is that I understand the costs that it will take to be a successful token and brand for the long haul. We at Stish understand what our costs will be to scale to the desired 100,000 Minimum Users one day. We know that just to reach our first 10,000 members can cost as much as $5 per person. We also know that the average person will spend $10 to buy some Stish to help fund the development.

If you have read the whole guide you know that we know that sometimes no matter how well you plan things don’t go as planned.

We have been able to adapt and overcome like a super hero. We are almost 100% self funded and that has been awesome. We have to give up less of the currency in order to raise the funding needed to take the platform to new heights. By owning more of the currency we can be certain that we can help shape the community plus as needed in the future sell some more Stish, only if needed, and raise capital for future demands or development. We have Stish set aside just for this and once the currency is trading well and the markets are comfortable we could perhaps sell some Stish to cover those unplanned moments that actually happen in real life.

There are many tokens and hot crypto ico projects that you can get involved in. All of them have there positives and negatives. Most will take years to really show any return on investment. Some might be so hot that they jump up fast  and you can monitor these and take action as needed. Blockchain technology and crypto currency isn’t always the best solution for every problem.

We have our own currency and platform and we would love for you to consider us in your hot crypto token news or portfolio.

Find Your Self Buying Stish

This article is an opinion piece and should not be taken a professional, trading or investment advice. You should seek the services of a competent professional. An ICO refers to an Initial Coin Offering. This might be illegal to participate in depending on your country of origin.

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