Earn At Least 1 Dollar per Steemit Post!

As a new member on Steemit, it’s often very difficult to get more than 1 dollar in rewards for your blog posts. No matter how much work you seem to put into writing, it usually doesn’t pay off if you’re new to the platform. I want to help you get 1 dollar per post, read more to find out how…

The basics

Make sure that you have a good title for your post, a lot of people will just upvote purely based on the title. It doesn’t matter that you spend money and time into promoting your articles if the title isn’t catchy. Some of the promotion methods that I will be listing below will only work if you have a good title and to a lesser extent, a good blog post.

It might also be worth it to make custom thumbnails for your post, so people are more inclined to click on it. I’ve been doing this for some of my posts and have noticed a small difference.

Choosing the correct tags can be a bit confusing, but there’s a great post here on SteemThat which explains how to choose high payout, low competition tags. Go check it out!


Having a SteemFollower account is a must for every new member in my opinion. With SteemFollower you can upvote content of other members and you receive points doing so, with those points you will receive upvotes from other members. There are currently around 10.000 members on SteemFollower, so your articles have a much higher chance of getting seen there, than on Steemit itself.

There is also a marketplace which allows you to buy and sell points. It’s even possible to make a profit by doing this. You can buy up points and sell them at higher rates or hold onto them for a while.

By default only your last post is displayed in SteemFollower, I have found a little trick to circumvent that. When you edit an older post (less than 7 days old), then that post becomes active on SteemFollower again. You can just edit and add a space somewhere, so your post stays the same.


Another way of getting more upvotes is to comment on other people’s blog posts. By this I do not mean that you should spam and beg for upvotes, quite the contrary. You should make comments that are relevant to their articles, sometimes they will go to your blog and upvote your posts. You will also build new friendships that way and you will continue to benefit from that in the long term.

Keep in mind that this is probably one of the most labor-intensive ways of getting upvotes.It will pay off in the end though, since your essentially building a long-term support network. All of this also applies to SteemThat by the way!


When you follow all these tips, there’s no reason for you not to get at least 1 dollar in post rewards. Make sure that you follow your progress on websites like SteemWorld or Steem Now. Find out who your biggest supporters are and don’t forget to also upvote and comment on their work.

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