How To Earn Stish Credits

Stish Credits Rewards Schedule

Instance Amount Limit
Stish Credits for an original new blog post article. 25.000 Maximum 2 times per day
Stish Credits for viewing a page 0.100 Maximum 100 times per day
Stish Credits for becoming a member 5.000 -
Stish Credits for social portal stream post. 0.250 Maximum 25 times per day
Stish Credits for new private direct message 0.010 Maximum 5 times per day
Stish Credits for social portal stream comments 0.500 Maximum 50 times per day
Stish Credits when you add a friend 0.500 Maximum 10 times per day
Stish Credits for social portal photo/video added to your stream. 0.250 Maximum 5 times per day
Stish Credits for social portal profile cover image 10.000 Maximum once per month
Stish Credits for social portal profile avatar 5.000 Maximum once per month
Stish Credits for clicking on special link once per day: 2.000 -
Stish Credits write a Stish Store product review! 25.000 Maximum once per month
Stish Credits for referring a visitor 1.000 Maximum 10 times per day
Stish Credits for referring a new member 2.000 Maximum 10 times per day
Stish Credits for site visit 1.000 -

Follow our Quality Posting Guidelines below to help you create excellent articles and to ensure that your posts receives the reward it deserves.

  • Create a unique and descriptive title.
  • Include a Featured Image that is related to your article.
  • Articles should be structured using paragraphs, headings, formatting, and relevant keywords.
  • Content should be easily readable and convey a coherent message. Use Punctuation and Spell Check in Your Posts.
  • Include relevant photos and graphics in your blog posts.
  • Include tags and a category (if you need a new category you can use the contact us form to request one). Remember to practice common Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques for greater post visibility and higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPS).
  • Never delete your posts unless you feel it is absolutely necessary. Deleting posts will automatically remove earned STISH credits from your account.
  • Posts should only be deleted if they no longer accurately convey the original message, or are deemed to be no longer accurate or relevant for public consumption. This includes any post that might be misconstrued or considered misleading. If you feel you have made errors in your post, no problem. You can always come back and edit your post  if needed, without any rewards penalty.

Notice: Not only does post deletion remove any earned STISH credits, it also penalizes your account balance; Therefore it is a deterrent to posting duplicate content (double dipping). Deleting posts costs more than it rewards to create them in order to prevent spam, plagiarism, and rewards to scammers.

Scammers beware that incorporates internal script runs to determine how Stish credits were earned, prior to converting these for STISH crypto. Any denied rewards due to failure to meet publishing guidelines or attempts at gaming the system are subject to Arbitrary Review (AR) by an arbitration panel consisting of early adopters and developers of the platform. also abides by a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and repeat offenders accounts will be terminated.

For quality control purposes, we have imposed a semi-automatic post review process where random posts will be sent to human eyeballs for a “Rewards Validation Screening.” also reserves the right to compile member “whitelists” and “blacklists” as appropriate. All members in good standing will be held to the same standards as new members, yet will always remain susceptible to removal of rewards when not meeting the basic blogging standards.

While it is the policy of to not moderate or censor blog posts for content, we do reserve the right to reject any post that does not meet the posting requirements for rewards. This is not a content quality test, but rather a platform-imposed mandate to validate that all post submissions meet’s definitions on posting. All done for the purpose of protecting our rewards pool and to ensure that rewards are earned fairly and distributed equitably to its members.

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