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How To Import Your MetaMask Wallet into Saturn Wallet

Since Stish has been listed on Saturn Network, you might be wondering how you can import your existing MetaMask wallet into the new Saturn Wallet. I personally had to look up how to get my wallet seed from Metamask and how to import it into Saturn wallet.

In Metamask, you need to go to your settings, which can be found be clicking on the round icon on the right hand side. As shown in the screenshot below:

In the settings, you can then click the “Reveal Seed Words” button to see your wallet seed words. This you can then use to import your existing MetaMask wallet into Saturn Wallet.

After you’ve first installed Saturn Wallet, you have an option to restore an existing wallet with these seed words. Since the Saturn Wallet browser plugin is basically a fork of MetaMask, the seed words are compatible and you can easily use them to import your existing MetaMask wallet.


Now, one thing I have noticed when trying to trade via, is that you have to manually disable the Metamask plugin in order for it to work. So, you need to disable the MetaMask addon itself, in “Add-ons” (Firefox) or “Extensions” (Chrome).

After you’ve done this, you’re good to go. You do not need to manually add Stish to your Saturn wallet, if you had Stish in your existing Metamask wallet, it will show up automatically in Saturn Wallet.

I hope that this little tutorial has been useful for people who want to import their existing MetaMask wallets into Saturn, in order to trade Stish!

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