How To Use Resteem Services To Increase Profits

It’s pretty demotivating when you have worked hard on a post, and it disappears into the dungeons of SteemIt without anyone noticing it . You can avoid this by using resteem services, which can help you to reach a bigger audience.


How To Use Resteem Services To Increase Profits


What Are Resteem Services?

Resteem services exist for only one reason: to resteem your posts. A resteem is comparable with a share on Facebook: the service shares your SteemIt post on its account, where all its followers can see it.

Some resteem services are free, but most of them ask a small amount of money for you to use their service. Still, they’re a lot cheaper than upvote bots.
When choosing a resteem service, make sure the account has a good number of followers, so you get good results compared with what you’ve paid.

Resteem Services

Most resteem service display the instructions on how to get a resteem in their bio on their profile page. Sometimes, you have to dig a little deeper and search their stream for a post with instructions.

Below, you’ll find a list of the Resteem services I am aware about.


Name Price Resteems
@resteemable Free but donation of 0.5SBD appreciated 750+
@anupbose 0.02SBD/Steem 1050+
@ebargains 1SBD/Steem 120k followers all over social media
@kobusu 0.02SBD/Steem 2100+
@resteemr 0.01SBD/Steem 400
@superbot 0.1SBD/Steem 950+
@steemvote 0.5SBD 3000+
@hottopic 1SBD/3Steem 12000+
@resteemator Follow for a possible resteem 790+
@vallurivikram 0.5SBD/Steem 8000+
@resteembot Depends 4000+ 0.1SBD/Steem 8900+
@boostupvote 0.1SBD/Steem 4800+


DISCLAIMER: I am not related to any of these services and I will not take responsibility when something goes wrong. This post is for informational purposes only. Always do your own research.
Prices and the number of followers can change over time. Pay good attention before you pay for a service.


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