How to write decent English post for non-native writers

Writing interesting, grammatically correct and stylish English text can be a challenge for a non-native writer. Many Steemians come from the countries where English is not a native language.

So, what can you do to save yourself from the troubling bad writing?

Follow this puppy-short writing course!

Write ( at least) 800 characters in Grammarly, check all mistakes, paste it in Google Drive, correct and save it.

Use Hemingway app and balance your text between 8th to 11th grade.

Paste your work in Paperrater. Set education level to 9th grade and type of paper to the blog/article.

Click Get report and then fix mistakes.

Copy fixed article and paste it on the previous page with same settings but then click printable summary report and follow the suggested improvements.

The report will give you improvements for the first 800 characters. Aim for Grade B.

Listed tools will help you to write basic and decent English text.

It won’t be  for the literary award, but it will be good.

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