I will soon re-open Discord server

I have been working on my server for quite a time now. It was shut down due to the inactivity, but now I am seriously contemplating to revive it and restore it.

The case is, that the previous server once related only to STEEM now will include other websites and means of the online networking and earning alike, so the name will be change and the steemrepair will be only one small part of it. Name, logo, banners, rules, and Codex will be changed as well.

I am still upgrading it, adding parts and if everything goes well, I will probably have it set up and functional in a very near future.

The server will include the database, info/announcement, promotion, voting trail, curation, various websites and will be adjusted especially for the new people in crypto blogging and blogging in general.

I will also see to add social networking channels that will bring us more people, and some new programming to make the whole thing more acceptable.

If I start making programs, for whatever web/service useful, I will make sure to make it public and available to anyone who wishes to use it. I am still not sure about the name.

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

Discord: aschatria#1254
BTS: aschatria-777
EOS: aschatria124


Author: aschatria
I am publicly anonymous networker with fat record and rotten attitude towards any form of system slavery and similar artificial means of extortion. I also like donuts and coffee. And cats. My favorite color is pink. I hate long walks and have an extreme allergic reaction to bullshit.

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