Ice Fountain Constantly Changing

This fountain is located in Zyuratkul national park near the Ural mountains. The fountain is constantly altering the ice formation due to a jet of water which soars to about 10 meters. The ice formation only occurs in the colder months so if you are expecting to see this magnificent sight go in winter. The ice has a bluish hue and creates a sculpture of about 14 meter high.

The fountain was created in 1976 when geologists drilled a hole and discovered an underground river. A tube was installed and a thin jet of water shot out about 10 meters high.

The combination of the water jet and the winds work together to form ever changing ice sculptures. Depending on the natural lighting, the color of the ice changes from a vibrant blue to a bright azure. Wishing I could attach more photos to this post, there are quite a few. To see them, I attached the link.

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