I’m Available for freelance work

I have decided to work towards self-employment since I am having no luck finding a job with the settings I need due to my autism. I feel this is better for my mental health. And it has the settings that I need. Some people start somewhere, some start nowhere. Gotta make the best of it.

I also would like to Freelance write for Stishit, since Binkly said we need more people on the site. I can write a blog to get people to join, this can be great to get me started. Even if I make 15 dollars for instance.

You can read the full blog here

I talk about what value I can bring by writing about your brand. If you work for a company looking for Freelancers, I’m your gal.

About the author: aaliyahholt1995
Here from Steemit to escape down voting trolls, also a YouTuber, blogger. and aspiring photographer. Post funny memes from time to time.
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