IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about Steemit!! Must read and resteem ASAP!!

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I’m back from holidays and what I see!!?? More and more trolls are flagging me!

These trolls are really real sociopaths. I recommend them to go to see a doctor 😉

Unfortunately, there is no authority on steemit to stop them.

I have heard about the  Steemit Defence League which has decided to fight these silly members. More and more members are aware about what they are doing to stop these fucking abusers. Look well at their webpage and don’t forget to see some interesting details at the bottom. As they say, it’s ‘delicious’ to report these abusers by showing their real faces 😉

That’s why I have decided to give them my own account.

So they will be able to use it to fight them more and more 😉 YEAHH!!!!

Just write to me at [email protected] and write something on your webpage at to be sure I can identify you. I will give you FULL ACCESS to my account. YEAAAHH AGAIN!!

Go on to stop these abusers spammers trolls!



Bye and good luck!!

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There are so many of these that it blows my mind. Almost everyone of the bots or accounts that are flagging for something are themselves doing the same thing. For instance if people call SteemThat whale pool which is tiny right now and we comment we get flagged for spam. The account flagging was not invited to make a comment but SteemThat was invited when someone used the Autoshare feature of SteemThat. By definition the flagging bot is spamming not SteemThat as we don't just go post to all

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6 months ago