Introduce my self


Introduce my name @ alpasee09 I just signed up at, I have not fully understood how to run this blog, but I will try to learn it, to friends who started first may be able to teach me.

well .. my current activities as a teacher in high school, I teach fine art lessons, like, painting, making crafts, drawing, graphic design and more. before I was also active in steemit.
with me join this blog hopefully can be useful for myself and others.

this may be just my brief introduction, to further get through the stishit world to the fore.

#introducemyself #art #digitalart #stishit
thank you


About the author: alpasee09

Grafic designer, crafter, engraver, painting, teacher


Hello alpa!

Your baby is cute.

9 months ago

Hello @alpasee09 its great to know a talented person in art at this amazing blockchain..lets make many chain..

9 months ago


8 months ago