Hi good people of stishit, am Emeka Segun a Nigerian, I love sports, am an enthusiasts. Love to meet unique people, am an admirer, calm. Am into electrical installations, comedy,sports, Internet, etc.. Entertainment is my keyword. Cryptocurrency to me has brought humanity back together via social platform compared to non crypto platform. Steemthat on the other hand is a great platform though now the growth is moving gradual but soonest its gonna pave way beyond expectations, with the steemish token, just like the SBD on steemit. Great innovation I think…. God bless the developers..

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nice, calm, loving


Got the mobile browser back up and running. App mayne later this year.

10 months ago

Welcome, I look forward to your posts. I am also interested in electrical projects, perhaps you could do some posts about your installations.

10 months ago

Am working on it tirelessly, will soon unveil my project soon,

9 months ago