Introduction of resteem bot for minnows: @resteemyou

Hey there,
@resteemyou is a bot that resteems the posts of only its followers. We have thousands of followers and the numbers are increasing rapidly. We have very much low price than other bots, so use our service to get more visibility. You can get more upvotes, followers and comments on your posts by resteem.
How to use @resteemyou?

  • The price of resteem is only 0.025 SBD or Steem.
  • SBD and Steem both currencies are accepted.
  • The extra amount than the price will be considered as a donation but you can contact us here in comments for manual refund. Contact only in comments!
  • You can send your post link or anyone’s post in memo but price will be same.
  • Your reputation should be minimum ”1” in order to use this service.

Special offer for followers:

We are also starting to resteem and upvote some of our followers’ posts randomly.

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Author: haseeb96
I am the owner of @thebot & @resteemyou at

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