ISIS Targets CNN, NASA and Federal Reserve


Have the tables turned, ISIS once seemingly working with governments which were bent on creating havoc have changed their targets to organizations also working to disseminate false narratives to destabilize the countries of the world.

Yes this is speculative as it has not been proven exactly whom created ISIS. But we can see clearly their purpose by watching their actions. It has been rumored that the CIA was responsible for their creation but it hasn’t been substantiated.

In Indonesia, local ISIS supporters passed out flyers inferring that CNN, NASA and the US financial system are satanic. The flyer has a picture of a militant with ‘Allahu Akbar’ written over their head and the militant is firing a machine gun at what appears to be the belly of the beast. There are logo targets representing the United Nations, the Federal Reserve Bank, Universal Studios, CNN, NATA, NASA and the US dollar.

Could it be that they are turning against their companions. As we have witnessed, ISIS has not shown any hesitation in acting on their missions in the past. So it should only be a matter of a short time before we see what their intentions are.


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I don't care for CNN, NASA or the U.S. banks either. Being an activist I don't care for government. Good post.

7 months ago

I think you are in the majority.

7 months ago