It Is Definitely In The Water


After just reading about California senator Feinstein introducing a rogue bill to make felonies committed by immigrants with children, this new story broke concerning another California politician inciting people to harass anyone affiliate with Trump.

Maxine Waters, a democratic representative who has been in office since 2013, has been an outspoken advocate of impeaching Trump.  She has followed the sage advise of not letting a crisis go to waste like Feinstein.  She got on her soapbox to incite people to actively harass any member of Trump’s Cabinet to their legal right to eat at a restaurant, go shopping or be seen in any public venue.  She blatantly advocates for people to prevent members of the Trump team to enjoy a private life.  This is another example of why term limits are so necessary and voter need to make better choices.


Agreed that Trump probably added fuel to her rage by pointing out her likeness to James Brown.  But Waters seems to be dead set on tearing down the establishment based on her personal vendetta.  It is ironic that over her tenure, she has bent several rules to increase her personal or her family’s wealth.  As an example, her daughter has been paid $750,000 to send out campaign mailers.

It appears that there must be something in the California water that is responsible for democratic members to elicit laws that are clearly unconstitutional or display irrational outbursts based on an issue that the majority of people polled blame the parents of the separation of immigrant children from their parents.

I’m sure an enterprising person will soon bottle the California water and market it globally so more people can experience the delusion.

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