It’s All in the Presentation

This response from Inspector General Horowitz is better than a Freudian Slip.  As humans we are prone to expressing what we hold as true by body language.  This fact has been known for a long time.  Ask any card player or negotiator the value of reading body language.

It is a human characteristic that is hard to suppress.  Even if we are capable of suppressing our beliefs verbally, many of us display ‘tells’ that contradict what we voice.  This is somewhat apparent in the video clip.  Mr. Horowitz so to speak chokes on his answer.

Now that it has come to light that those we use to place our trust in lie and not just white lies, it should also be time for the public to consider fitting lie detection devices on politicians when they are speaking in a public forum.  It is true that these devices are not entirely fool proof but it would probably make the speaker have second thoughts about out right lying.

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