It’s proven: Steemit is a SCAM!

blankSome days ago, I was surprised: I did not receive anymore rewards but because Steemit behaviour is complex, chaotic and unpredictable, I did not care about that on the first time.

Until I saw one of my posts on https://busy.org/   It was displayed I’ll receive my rewards in 29 minutes. So, I waited and I saw the rewards were RESET TO ZERO and I did not receive the rewards in my wallet!!! WOW!!!!

Since this day, I have investigated with my other accounts: ALL WERE NEVER PAID!!!

One more time (like I reported in my previous post here), there is no information in the accounts and post some details showing that my rewards will not be paid.

So, what does it mean?:

1: Steemit is ‘blocking/freezing’ some accounts, a sort of filter or censorchip. It’s not honest. Robbing people means Steemit is a SCAM.

2: It means that ALL what we do on Steemit is closely monitored and this is made before the datas are transferred into the blockchain. One more time, it shows that Steemit is centralized. It’s not a real blochain.

More later about this scam? I go on to investigate 😉

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Author: Christobal
We'll see later

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