Jasmine: A beautiful flower having benefits a lot

Jasmine is a beautiful flower and have a planting season starting from February to March. It looks so nice in lawns of the houses and spread/provide a nice fragrance. It can be planted any where like in side of the roads, in parks and in offices lawns. It can be planted in pots also because in pots it can be placed any where in the rooms also. It has many good health benefits. Its oil has enormous health benefits. Its water has many benefits especially for skin care because Jasmine flower juice provides extra ordinary freshness of skin and especially for face beauty. It can be transplanted  easily any where and in different type of soil texture and structure. It juice can lower the cholesterol  level and ultimately regularize the high blood pressure patients. 

About the author: thedawn
An agriculture researcher & scientist.
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I love the fragrance of Jasmine..I did not know that it also has benefits. Thanks for sharing thedawn
1 week ago
Yes i will post its health benefits in an other blog.
1 week ago
that would be great!
1 week ago