Kaitlin Bennett wore a rifle for graduation photos

A Kent State University Biology graduate Kaitlin Bennett, who is 22 years old was carrying a AR-10 semi-automatic rifle strapped to her back and she posed for snaps while holding the graduation cap and the rifle. Later, she posted her photos on Twitter and said she was protesting against the university policy that does not allow the university staff and students to carry weapons on campus, but guests are allowed to carry them in the surroundings of the university (though not inside university departments).
She got more than 19,000 likes on her tweets and more than 5000 retweets, thus she gained publicity both in a positive and a negative way. In a later interview on facebook, she explained that she was promoting her right of self-defence.

Image and news source: Twitter

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In the country where I live, no one is allowed to carry guns so freely

6 months ago