Kingdom Hearts 3

Do you own a playstation 2 in the past?


If the answer is yes, then you probably already know about this game in the past.


Kingdom Hearts(KH) is a collaboration game between Squaresoft(now Square Enix) and Disney.


The first and second series was released on PS2.


The story of KH started from a small island.

There are 3 people in that island : Sora(a young boy), Kairi(a young girl), Riku(a young boy too).

They are friends, but one day their island got invaded by strange creatures known as “Heartless”.


Sora got separated from Riku and Kairi during that invasion and Sora got a weapon called “Keyblade” to fight the heartless.


A strange portal open and Sora went inside that portal.


Soon he arrived in another world and he meet Donald Duck and Goofy.


Donald and Goofy searching for keyblade owner and after they found out Sora is the owner, they decided to start a journey together to find Sora friends.


That’s a bit story from the beginning of this series. Now let’s back to Kingdom Hearts 3.


In KH 3, Sora + Donald + Goofy still fighting heartless together, but they have another enemy this time called “Organization XIII”.


The source of heartless is from Organization XIII, so Sora and friends will do everything to stop them.


There are many new disney characters and disney worlds in KH3 : Toy Story, Monster Inc, Frozen, Pirates of the Carribean and many more.


This is an example of KH3 gameplay video in Pirates of Carribean world :


The gameplay is action RPG, so you only need to chop chop the enemies and make sure enemies can’t chop chop you.


And for the music….


Utada Hikaru is back to give this game an amazing feeling.



This game will be release on 25 January 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.


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