Living on the Water

Living on the waterfront is a dream for many people – whether it’s the ocean, a lake, a river, or a stream, being near the water is somehow magical.

Studies have shown that the site of a body or water actually exerts a calming effect, and can even lower blood pressure. In addition, a large body of water moderates temperatures, and creates morning and evening breezes.

There are often other advantages as well.  Waterfront living can offer lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Depending on where you live, you may have access to boating, fishing, snorkeling, fishing, or even just jogging on the beach.

There are often other entertainment opportunities near the water as well:  restaurants, shopping, and sometimes tourist attractions.

In metropolitan areas, commuters may be able to avoid crowded freeways and commute to work on a ferry or a water-bus service.

The Drawbacks

Of course, there are downsides as well.

Property prices and rents are usually higher on the waterfront.

Weather – be it storms or fog – is often more extreme on the water.

And those storms and wet air can require a lot of home maintenance.

There are certainly tradeoffs to consider, but living on the water can really be a life-changing experience. 

Thanks to my friends at 1200 Lakeshore, luxury waterfront apartments, for this perspective.



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