Looks Like I’m Not Bernie’s Only Fan!

Bernie Sanders… the politician? No, the other one… the “Fragile Minded Steemit Troll.”

After much consideration, as I have previously mentioned, I will be leaving Steemit. I will not close my account but will go pretty much inactive. As a “hate’tee” of the Great and Powerful Oz berniesanders, I really don’t wish to stick around and be subjected to his absurd foolery. But in the name of what little good I can do, I shine a light on him once in awhile… For the good of Steemit!

I did a little carrousing yesterday and found a few tidbits of drama between the “Almighty One” and his serfs. It didn’t take much searching to find the following:

In the post linked below, @studgriffin points out both the irony and hypocracy of the “Scamming” Spam Fighter himself, berniesanders, aka nextgencrypto (@abusereports).

The following quick and dirty post is just that… a quick snag of over $15 from the rewards pool – courtesy of yup, you guessed it “sanders” and his bucket of trolls. Here, he attacks @mmmmkkkk311 for pointing out the obvious, then upvotes his own low-effort content with some of his more popular personalities. And he refers to it as FUN?

In yet another post, @jparty comes to the defense of @noganoo for his religious beliefs. I’m not really privy to what has been going on on this front but sanders knows no boundaries when it comes to insulting people. Now, I’m not one who practices any organized religion, but I will defend a person’s right to do so. https://steemit.com/abuse/@jparty/the-real-story-behind-the-war-against-noganoo-screenshots-of-berniesanders-abuse-towards-noganoo

Here is a snippet found in the above post which defines berniesanders:


Here is a comment by The Dollar Vigilante extracted from a Jeff Berwick post going back 2 years:
“Sounds like the definition of a Feudal system. So does everybody basically have to blow @berniesanders on a regular basis to make any money on here? I have to say I am very dis-enchanted with what I’ve seen on Steemit. If this is the future of crypto, ugghhh.. We’ve replaced a handful of oligarchs who own the real political-economy with a handful of obligarchs who own the crypto economy. They set the rules. They shut people down. How is this different form the default world? It appears worse to me because there is ZERO accountability and they are totally anonymous.

Its ironic that he goes by the name bernie sanders, a socialist, when sounds like he is promoting tyranny.”

Here, @noganoo calls out sanders for being one of the biggest scammers on Steemit, and then schmoozes up to him in the end. WTF? https://steemit.com/abuse/@noganoo/i-would-like-to-call-out-the-spam-organizations-on-steemit-for-not-flagging-bernie-sanders-spewing-out-more-sexual-insults

Some people make the argument that Steemit is free market, and all Steemians should be allowed to earn as much as they can without worrying about reprisal or the greater good of the community. I would agree that STEEMIT is a free market and that STEEMIANS should be rewarded for their good efforts within the ecosystem as well as for the quality or value of content they produce. I also agree that authors should not have to worry about reprisal from other users based upon the creation of content that is **not morally objectionable** and **breaks no laws**, but they should worry about reprisal if post earnings exceed what the community or any member of the community views as acceptable and fair. The other side of that argument should extend to anyone who abusively flags or acts otherwise in a dictatorial manner – such as a communist trying to exert dominance over free speech and the internet. I also attest that excessive post rewards that are achieved by doing so through deceptive practices are unethical and could be illicit and should be immediately addressed as soon as identified. Practices like this detract from the health and well being of the Steemit ecosystem, and do nothing but erode the confidence of of all good Steemians.

          Is Steemit broken? Some say yes!

Disputes over post rewards are specifically outlined by STEEMIT policy as an acceptable reason for flagging a post, specifically if it violates the TOS para 14.1.1. *Use of our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from fully enjoying our Services, or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of our Services in any manner. 14.1.2 also is germane in that it covers *Fraud*.

This is where I and many others have a problem with sanders – where he hides behind another man’s name and masquerades as an enforcer of good, when in actuality he practices unjustified and abusive flagging behaviors, upvoting of low effort content, and as clearly evidenced, self-voting from who knows how many accounts (some people claim as many as 70 accounts). All the while, he promotes his moral integrity in creating systems to flag other abusers and those he dislikes while maintaining the idea that he is “reporting abuse”. His demeanor is atrocious, his language is indecent, and his attitude is supercilious.


I have been thorough in my search on Steemit and have yet to find any “Disclaimer” or “Full Disclosure” issued by sanders that outlines and justifies the inner workings of the “AbuseReports” Bot.  And if this bot is being operated for the good of the Steemit public AND for profit, then this practitioner should be held to the highest ethical standards and accountability by providing such full disclosure. Which he does not.

After all, it is still the people’s rewards pool, not his!

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