It's Our Little Secret!

Major War Looming While People Are In The Dark.

While the US media tries to make a big deal about some Hondurans trying to cross the Mexico,USA border there are much bigger international affairs going on.

It appears that Russia fired upon and seized Ukrainian naval ships. Ukraine has also declared martial law in most of the country and is still under siege by Russian backed forces. (Because I live in the most censored country on Earth I am unable to watch the video.)

For those unsure of what is going on it appears to me to be a proxy war being fought in Ukraine between USA backed Ukraine and Russia. Russia would like to see Ukraine wars escalate to Syrian civil war status. This proxy war between 2 super powers will not end well as Europe has to get involved now. The major players are the same as The 2nd World War except for China, India, and Iran will not be sitting on the sidelines as they all can seize opportunity for expansion.

The main Reason the USA has to get involved is that we have a treaty with Ukraine stated as much. The USA demanded Ukraine give up Nuclear weapons in exchange for USA protection against wars. Most Of Europe signed up for the treaty as well and should honor such a treaty at this point in time as The Russians have waged war against the sovereign country of Ukraine.

According to other major news reports Russia has been supplying the Taliban with weapons to fight Allied forces in Afghanistan. Source:

When will Europe and the USA act? It appears they really do not have a choice if they want to put a stop to what most educated people around the world sees on the horizon. Surprisingly one main stream national news network at least has some coverage of the Martial law in Ukraine.

The political climate is in such a state that Even if we were attacked on our own soil I highly doubt a consensus of congressional leadership could be raised to fight back. We are under indirect attack and I would prefer our leaders to focus on real issues that could devastate our futures verses he said, she said elementary school bantor from all political parties.

UPDATE: Urgent Breaking News… Ukraine Almosts Begs For Western Intervention On USA Media Outlets. This is getting serious. Trump Sends More Weapons to Defend Ukraine.


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