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We have no strict guidelines or efforts towards censorship. We do ask that you represent the brand honestly and with integrity. is not a get rich quick scheme. Stish is not an overnight make a million dollars scheme. is a wonderful community that is growing and allowing social media content creators a unique opportunity to create their own social media network economy. This micro crypto economy allows users to hold onto the value that they contribute to the community via Stish.  The platform will attempt to use ad revenues to help liquidity.

People will exert effort to receive Stish Credits and then exchange these Credits for Stish Cryptocurrency that can be traded on exchanges for any Cryptocurrency they choose or held onto until the value increases to the point that they are willing to sell. Stish is currently traded on the Saturn Network.

saturn network

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Stish is a cryptocurrency and a social media platform. There are many things that could easily be talked about to persuade someone to join the Stish platform or trade the Stish currency. We will cover just a few general concepts here to give you some Ideas.

First, What You Should Never Do! Please never represent the brand as a get rich quick scheme or plan. Stish may take some time to fully develop and there are no guarantees that anyone will get rich or make any real money. We like to keep things in perspective. It took Bitcoin almost 5 years before it had any real value. Stish is just now entering it’s first real year of use beginning in 2019 after being developed and beta tested in 2018.

Let’s Look At Some Things We Can Talk About:

  • Stish is an epic social media website similar to other popular giant corporations so the look and feel is often similar.
  • Stish Helps users get involved in crypto without having to invest large amounts of money to get started. Since users can create content and receive Stish Credits and then Trade their Stish Credits for Stish Crypto easily they can start trading crypto often for the first time.
  • allows users to retain their value. Many tasks such as writing posts, sharing photos, writing comments, etc have value. There is a rewards schedule that transparently displays what and how to open up your Stish Credits.
  • Stish is a great platform for people who want to escape the Giants. Many people are looking for a platform that has the same or better utility but isn’t selling off their data to every cambridge analytica out there. does allow advertisements and collect some information for this purpose but we are not selling your personal data off to companies. People can escape the giants by using and enjoy being online again.
  • isn’t in the business of opinion shaping. We are not going to curate content to manipulate users opinions. This is often what is going on on large corporate social media platforms. On you can see your friends posts and posts of those you follow and the community posts. Scroll for days and see it all. We are not going to censor content in a way to only show you things we deem appropriate based on your history etc. We don’t do that kind of analysis. Feeds are organically created and if your user experience sucks kind some new friends or flag the inappropriate content.
  • has some basic rules because we are an open community platform but will never censor content because we personally of politically disagree with it. The only content we really ask people to avoid posting is Pornographic, and Illegal content. We do also ask that people not bully people or abuse others. Just use common sense and be kind to one another.
  • allows users to create groups and join special groups. Users can private message each other and chat privately. Users can also publicly interact directly from full blog posts or within the social portal content stream. People can share photos and videos and gifs. Just Stish It!
  • Stish cryptocurrency was developed on the Etheruem blockchain. There are nominal fees to transfer STISH just like when transferring ETH. These fees help protect the blockchain and keep the currency safe and secure. The small fees also help to prevent scams and pump and dump schemes.
  • Stish can be traded on the Decentralized exchange which allows users to have a free market experience when trading Stish. The Saturn Network Exchange doesn’t make you deposit your funds into their wallet to make trades. You never lose control of your funds this way and that is a huge advantage for all. It is easy to use using The Meta Mask web browser extension, or the Saturn Wallet web browser extension. Or for users on mobile you can easily use the Trust wallet.
  • creates wallets for users. These Stish wallets interact with the store automatically. Users can easily export their Stish Wallets address for trading.
  • Stish cryptocurrency is unique because it is primarily held by the users that believe in the cryptocurrency and use the platform. has three primary design colors:

The Blue is hex #2EB2FF

The Pink is hex #FF63B1

The Orange is hex #FF9800

We also use White and Black and sometimes a Grey Color but any grey looks well for backgrounds borders. Text is generally white or black.


The actual font face used is Lilita One.

The S in Stish should be capitalized while the other letters should be lower case. The letter i is to be dotted with the tree. If you are planning on rebuilding the logo for a design please see the logo below. You can actually use the logo below to add to your work. Thank you.

Stish Tree Icon:

This is the Tree Icon with a transparent background

Stish Logo With White Center background But Transparent Outside of Circle.
Stish Transparent Center and outside
Stish Logo Full Transparent Inside and Out. Often used on apparel or for blended designs.
Main Logo With A White Center But Transparent Sides.
Shop Now Free Stish Graphic
Shop Now Free Stish Graphic
Say What Is On Your MInd
Stish Rocket Stip
Escape The Giants
Stish Unbiased News Feed
On Stish Don't Get Banned
Stish Actually See Friends Posts
Stish Arbitrarily Shut Off
Stish No Opinion Steering
Actually See Your Friends Posts
Share For Stish Credits?