METATRON – an entity created so powerful to serve as second to Almighty

The mythical being, the Metatron is the highest of two angels close to the throne of Almighty mentioned in some scriptures. According to one story, the Metatron was created by Almighty as an angel with the highest level of responsibility. In yet another story it is speculated that the Metatron is, in fact, a human ascended to heavenly throne and as such has an ultimate priority over all other angels and celestial beings.

He is the only angel who is allowed to sit in Almighty’s presence ( to take a note), and has the permission to swap with the Almighty in case the boss wishes to leave his throne for some time.

In strength, wisdom, and glory this entity is second to Almighty and has the immense power. Unlike the angels, he is speculated to be a human and contains the spark of creational powers, and he has the ability to look and correspond to the Almighty while other angels are blinded ( or even blindfolded) in the presence.

The existence of this being is provoking and questionable so many religions omit even mentioning it, and avoid this while giving priority to other narratives.

Metatron’s Cube is often depicted and mentioned as his favorite energy tool, a sacred symbol that forms a map of Creation.

The Metatron holds the physical world, ascension, spiritual awakening and serves as a link between humans and Creator and also tends the sustenance of mankind. He manifests himself like the Omnipresence of all created by the thought and for some, it is a voice of Almighty that fuels the thoughts bigger than life.

Metatron serves like an Almighty’s ears and eyes writing down all things good or bad. He is also said to be infused by the spirit of the fire, equipped by numerous eyes to serve as watchmen of all humans and 36 pairs of wings to suffice to that enormous job.

By decision, he resides in 7th heaven and when invoked he likes to appear like the pillar of fire brighter than Sun.

He is also a supreme angel of death who decides whose soul should be taken to the other side.

Metatron is identified as a crown of Tree of Life and embodies the Tree of Knowledge ( good and evil) meaning he contains both human and angelic qualities, existing one part in and one part out of this world.



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Absolutely questionable being truly, but it is in the bible, no need for anybody to omit it and other omitted stories.

So tell me aschatria, did you get all these info about Metatron in just the bible (revelation) or some other gospel articles?

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