Methodist Removes ‘Father’ From Apostles Creed


In their bid to become more tolerant towards transgenderism, the UMC of Minnesota has decided to change the Apostle’s Creed. They have changed it from ‘Father’ to ‘Creator’.

The Creed was first mentioned in 390 AD in a letter believed to be written by Ambrose to Pope Siricius. The word Creed is derived from the Latin credo and is translated as ‘I believe’, it is believed that the Apostle’s Creed referred to the teaching of the Apostles. As the belief goes, the Apostles composed the creed in response to the Pentecost.

As society evolves, all churches have taken steps to make their faith more accessible or friendly to parishioners. The catholic church has done away with saying the Mass in Latin and they have changed the direction the priest faces when celebrating the Mass.

Based on the decreasing membership of all faiths, it appears that their bending the tenets of the religion is failing. At some point, when does a religion become business that sells heretical propaganda. It seems that they more they alter their teachings to make their faith more user friendly, people wake up to the idea that there is no right or wrong. For example, it would be synonymous to a kid whom asks dad for something and when dad says no, the kid just goes and asks mom for the same thing.

Although the title of this post is addressing the Methodists, the problem is not solely the Methodist church, it is religion to general. Globally, the trend seems to be that they want to do away with all the different factions of religion and create a sole religion that would unify all people to one belief.

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Churches do not seem like churches anymore. I remember when people who were in churches were so kind and loving and there really was a feeling of goodness there. Far too often now churches preach and teach about God's love but rarely do the people exude any such love or kindness towards people. I think most are missing the mark when it comes to practicing their faith. It is kind of like me and my diet. I'm always on a diet and am working out. I really do work out every day but my diet consists

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3 months ago

Now, people visit churches just to see the building. I have seen lot of such people

3 months ago