Miso-Almond Butter Cookies

These cookies are rich and chewy without being too sweet! The chocolate dip is a must – it balances out the saltiness & adds some interest. I used red miso and it tastes great. They came out a bit oily, but I might have just added a little too much butter. I recommend using 1 tbsp balls for more cookies.

AnonymousToronto, ON12/13/18

I made this recipe vegan by subbing vegan butter and a flax egg and they turned out so good! They’re sweet, salty, and rich with a crisp edge and chewy middle. Definitely do not skip the chocolate dip!

cassidy.haightRichmond, VA12/12/18

These came out perfectly! I chose to use 1 tbsp balls instead of the recommended 2 tbsp. They are beautifully rich and perfectly baked. I’m extremely happy. I followed the suggestion for melting chocolate in 20-second intervals, I ended up needing 2 cups of chocolate wafers however to coat the smaller cookies adequately. I will definitely​ be making these again and soon!

AnonymousOakland California12/12/18

Wasn’t sure which kind of miso to get, so I went with traditional red miso. But am curious if this recipe is intended to be made with sweet white miso. My first batch using the suggested 2 tbsp of dough came out gigantic and took a long time to bake, so went with a single tbsp which was more ideal. Chocolate didn’t come out especially smooth, would have appreciate more explanation on how to melt the chocolate for a smoother finish.

AnonymousLos Anglees12/11/18

Admittedly I was weirded out by the premise of adding miso to my cookies. However, I trust Chris Morocco and therefore decided to give the recipe a try because I have really enjoyed savory-forward cookies (with tahini, etc.) in the past. I was really pleased with how they turned out! The miso is not overpowering but adds a really nice and rich flavor profile. They’re fairly complex tasting, so they are the kind of cookies that you’ll not be tempted to eat a whole plate of, but that’s a good thing during the holiday season…and fitting with the Healthyish brand! Technical note: I only baked them 12 minutes and felt that was enough. Also don’t skip or skimp on the chocolate – they really add a tasty element!

AnonymousKent, Ohio12/11/18


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