MM Photography Series: “Path”

**Could You guess where this picture was taken? Example how we don’t need the landscape to be covered in trees and plants to be beautiful.  As I consider green to be calming, red has its own warmness that can somehow give out the feeling of being on another planet.**



This image consists of three planes placed in the front ground, middle and background. Light colored plant in front makes most of the main focus and front ground. Middle part of the picture is the biggest one made up from red ground that dominates most of the picture. Because of the background light and blue sky we can almost have the feeling of shadows and silhouettes separating the planes. Nice details to this picture are clouds, path and the plants.  Bright, warm and different.



*Walking on the same path people have walked before can make you feel safer and calmer and it is easier that way, but you will not find anything new. Those are the tracks worn out long  time ago.*



…ah, Yes.. taken on the main island of Tenerife.











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