Monopoly – The Cheaters Edition

Sad to discover but an icon of our childhood has been corrupted. Monopoly has come out with its new ‘cheaters edition’. I for one am sad to see the demise of a fun and entertaining cornerstone of my past.

I understand it is meant to be a playful spoof to re-market a classic board game but I feel somethings should be exempt. This is one of those things albeit minor. They have already corrupted things I thought to be pure and wholesome like putting naked pictures in disney movies and kowtowing to the lgbt crowd by instituting a homosexual puppet into the sesame street lineup. These are but a few of how they are encroaching on christian families just trying to raise their children in a healthy environment.

I do understand that people all have their own propensities but lately it seems that they are forcing their agenda on all people through the media and the internet. Why is it fair to censor comments on subjects that don’t conform to the agenda but other more obscene comments that conform are allowed (this is directed at facebook, youtube and twitter).

I know I strayed from the main topic but it is not just an iconic board game they’re undermining but a society. So when you buy your copy you can store in right along side of your ouija board.

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Make s you wonder when the Game Life is going to change. "You survived a Drive By shooting but one of your children was killed- Pay $20,000 for Funeral Expenses and move backward 5 spaces"

10 months ago

Yes, we are going down a rabbit hole.

10 months ago